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  1. If 2PM members are a girl..

    1. Chansung: I will never date any 2PM members.
    2. Junho: I will never date any 2PM members, including Junho.
    3. Jun. K: I want to date 2PM's Jun. K because no one is as warmhearted as me.
    4. Nichkhun: I want to date Wooyoung because he often tells jokes to liven up the mood.
    5. Taecyeon: I will never date any 2PM members because I know everything good and bad about them too well.
    6. Wooyoung: I want to date Junho because I want to feel Junho's manliess from the viewpoint of a girl.
  3. David and David :D

  5. David shields Cesc from the aggressors.

    I don’t care about rumors! I don’t believe Cesc said any of those things!